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In 1981, Italian guitar player Dario Mollo started his musical career with a band called Crossbones. The band gained experience around his home town, and reached the final round of an Italian rock competition.
The band were given concerts all across Italy, and were invited to play on the compilation album "Metallo Italia". They shot a video to accompany the album at the Piper in Rome, and had some appearances in TV broadcasts on national networks.
In 1986, Dario met Kit Woolven, producer of many bands including, Thin Lizzy, Cradle of Filth, and UFO, and recorded a song for another compilation called "Italian Rock Invasion". This was the beginning of a friendship that has lasted ever since, working on Dario's first album in 1989, and culminating in his most recent works known as The Cage.
Along the way, Crossbones played at Hammersmith Odeon, taking the stage by storm and getting great reviews for their performance. But perfection was the driving desire for Dario and after many changes in the band line-up, the album Crossbones was recorded.
He was joined by Don Airey (of Rainbow and Ozzy Osborne fame), they toured together with Crossbones across Europe, and made two videos for the album (Filmed in a castle in Budapest).
Subsequently the Crossbones project was set aside, and Dario devoted his time to the improvement of his technique and style, and the construction of his own professional recording studio that is now used by many other name bands.
During this time, Dario began writing a complete new set of songs, and a new unnamed project began to emerge. Drawing on his previous years of work, his many valuable hours of studio time, and his now perfected technique, he teamed up with Don Airey and some friends to record the album now known as The Cage. Almost completed, the album needed a voice, and Dario was introduced to Tony Martin, the singer regarded to have put Black Sabbath back on it's feet. Tony Martin wrote lyrics and melodies for the amazing tracks that Dario had already assembled, and the Cage was born.
"The Cage" was very succesful with both critics and fans; this was the beginning of the growth of Dario's reputation in the international rock scene.
In the meantime Dario starter to work on another, very ambitious, project. With a different line-up, that saw the myth Glenn Hughes (ex Deep Purple) on vocals, Roberto Gualdi on drums, Max Matis on bass and Dario Patti on keyboards.
Dario was contacted by the italian based "Frontiers Records" that offered him a contract for the worldwide release of the new project, called "Voodoo Hill"
As for "The Cage", "Voodoo Hill" had a great success, it had also been defined as "Best Hard Rock Album Of The Year"
During 2001, Dario decided to give a sequel to The Cage, again with Tony Martin, and as usual started to compose and record the songs in its own studio.
While recording and composing Dario was called by Don Airey to take part in the new band "Graham Bonnet & Don Airey Band" (both ex Rainbow) as guitarist for a UK tour in July and another in November, both very successful, during which they played songs taken from "Down To Earth" by Rainbow.
The new album, that will be titled "Mollo/Martin - The Cage II", is now finished, the line up sees Dario on guitar and Tony Martin on vocals, joined by another big name of the international rock scene Tony Franklin (ex Blue Murder) on bass, Roberto Gualdi on drums, and Dario patti on keyboards.
Dario Mollo is without doubt one of the most talented player/songwriters, and takes pride in the complete process of writing and recording music, there are no limits for him in any area of writing or producing.

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